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Rose + Hibiscus Bath Salts

Rose + Hibiscus Bath Salts

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 Experience a luxurious and therapeutic bath with our Rose and Hibiscus Bath Salts.  Made with the finest natural and organic ingredients, this indulgent milk bath is specifically formulated to nourish, hydrate and soothe your skin. 

The blend of rose buds and hibiscus flowers will transport you to a peaceful place while the milk works to moisturize, soothe and soften your skin. Epsom salt and Himalayan Salt which are rich in magnesium, will help relax sore muscles and reduce inflammation, leaving you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. 

These bath salts are perfect for anyone looking for a relaxing and soothing bath experience. The floral scent is subtle and relaxing, while the creamy, velvety texture of the milk will leave your skin feeling silky soft. 

Our Rose and Hibiscus Bath Salts comes in a reusable tin bath tea container, making it a beautiful addition to your bathroom. Simply add a few tablespoons to your bath and allow the nourishing ingredients to work their magic. 

Treat yourself or someone special to the ultimate bath experience with our indulgent and luxurious Rose and Hibiscus Bath Salts. It's the ultimate way to unwind and pamper yourself after a long day.

Additional Product Information:

  • 8 oz rose and hibiscus bath salts are packaged in a tea tin.
  • 8 oz Refillable bath salts available for sustainable use
    • Our refillable packaging is eco-friendly and reduces waste, making it an excellent choice for those who want to make a positive impact on the environment. With our bath soak refill pack, you can enjoy multiple rejuvenating baths without harming the planet. 
  • Our 3 oz sample size bath salts are a perfect way to try out our luxurious and all-natural bath salt blends. Each sample packet contains enough salt for one indulgent bath, providing maximum relaxation and skin benefits. 
  • Ingredients: Epsom Salt, Himalayan Salt, Dried Rose Buds, Dried Hibiscus Flowers, Rose Essential Oil, Fragrance (Optional)
  • Fragrance Options:
    • Sandalwood + Rose: A premium quality fragrance oil that is known for its soothing and romantic aroma. It is a combination of two powerful essential oil scents, sandalwood and rose, which produce a warm and sweet floral fragrance. The oil is made from natural ingredients and is known for its long-lasting and delightful aroma. 
    • Unscented: Unscented option is great for those with sensitive skin or anyone who prefers a fragrance-free option for their body care routine.
  • Organza bath bag included to eliminate mess from flowers.
  • Wooden scoop for bath salts included.

How to Use: Pour an appropriate amount of bath salts into your warm bathwater and soak your body in it for at least 20 minutes. This can help soothe sore muscles, promote relaxation, and provide a luxurious spa-like experience at home. 

Disclaimer:  It is important to note that the ingredients used may not be suitable for all skin types. It is recommended to do a patch test before using and to consult a healthcare professional if you experience any adverse reactions. 

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